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Chiropractic manipulation involves restoring movement to the joints and surrounding tissues of the body. With balanced and unrestricted range of motion, the body is able to function as it is meant to. This often means less pain and a higher level of day-to-day function. At Natalie Weston Chiropractic, we understand that not all bodies are the same, chiropractic manipulation is tailored to suit the individual and may involve the use of lower force techniques such as drop-style adjusting and using the Activator or ArthroStim.

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As muscles move joints, it is clear that when treating the joints we need also to address the muscular system. Using effective and functional soft tissue techniques and tools, such as pin and stretch, FAKTR, cupping and Rapid Relase, the overall outcome of your treatment is improved and your recovery time is lessened.

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In addition to traditional chiropractic manipulation, Dr. Weston uses a motorized table for adjusting the spine in a gentle manner and stretching the muscles of the spine.  In addition, the Leander table can be used to gently decompress the vertebrae and discs of the spine. The large majority of patients that experience the Leander motion assisted table find the treatment very comfortable and enjoyable. In particular, patients with osteoporosis, who are pregnant, who have low back pain, and disc issues seem to find great benefit from treatment with the Leander table.

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